Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Young male lion dies at Chhatbir zoo

Young male lion dies at Chhatbir zoo
Express news service

Within nine months after a pair of young Asiatic lions were brought to the city with much fanfare, the male lion 'Gagan' died at Chhatbir Zoo today. Gagan and Heli were brought to the Chhatbir zoo from Rajkot zoo in Gujarat on March 6, this year.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Gagan died at around 4.30 am today. As per the post mortem report, Gagan died due to rupturing of his urinary bladder which led to distension of abdominal cavity with urine.

"The rupture of urinary bladder is attributed to congenital defect in the kidneys whereby it was found during the postmortem that while the left kidney was of normal size, the right kidney was very small and atrophied and almost non-functional," said one of the veterinary doctors who conducted the post mortem.

The body of the lion was disposed off after the cremation at the zoo crematorium in the presence of the Field Director Basanta Rajkumar and other staff members.

It is pertinent to be mentioned that the pair was brought from Rajkot as a deal finalised by ministries of both the states in December last year.

"Gagan had been suffering from problems ever since he was taken to Chhatbir zoo, in contrast to his fellow lioness Heli. In July, Gagan remained off feed for about four days, but recovered after treatment by the zoo doctors in consultation with doctors and experts from around the country."

Chhatbir Zoo is now left with three lions which include Heli, and the old pair of Rocky and Lucky.

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