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Monday, December 18, 2017

Lioness mauls 3 in a village

Lioness mauls 3 in a village
The Times of India

A lioness entered Khamba village near Gir forest on Sunday morning and attacked three villagers, while they were working in the field. After injuring two, it dragged a third to the outskirts of the village in Visavadar leaving him seriously injured. The victims of the lion attack are being treated at Civil Hospital in Amreli.

Forest officials said that two of the victims had received most injuries on legs, while one was seriously injured. The injured are Rajbha Jhala, 25, Vallabh Butani, 55, and Jenti Kapuriya, 45. Jhala was dragged by the lioness to the village outskirts. Two of the three are farmers and one a cowherd.

After the incident, senior forest officials and trackers have been camping in the area to cage the lioness and release it later into the wild far from human habitation. Forest officials said that somehow the lioness was irritated and thus attacked the villagers. After the attack, the two injured in the fields were immediately attended by emergency services and villagers, while the third victim was traced to a small culvert nearby, where he was battling for his life. The rescuers found the lioness perched on a small mound around 500 metres from the victim. Ultimately, 108-EMRI staff and villagers managed to drive off the lioness, rescue the victim and send him to Junagadh.

108-EMRI officials said they had received the rescue call at 9.08am and a team including Sahil Ratapiya, Sohil Dhaduk and Bharat Jhala had reached the spot. Villagers informed them of the third victim who was seriously injured and lying near the outskirts of the village.

"When the 108-staff reached the spot, they found that the lioness was sitting on the boundary wall and the victim was lying about 500 metres from it. Since the area was not motorable the staff had to go on foot risking attack. Along with the villagers, they drove off the lioness with loud noises. The victims were shifted to Civil Hospital in Amreli," said Chetan Gaadhe, district officer, Amreli, of 108-EMRI.

He added that one of the injured had told 108-staff that they had been working in the field when the lioness attacked.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Bhopal: Sick of waiting, state decides to populate Palpur with tigers

Bhopal: Sick of waiting, state decides to populate Palpur with tigers

With Gujarat persistently refusing to allow translocation of lions from Gir National Park to MP's Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, the state government has decided to populate the sanctuary with tigers. The decision was taken at a meeting of MP Wildlife Board presided over by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday.

Tigers cannot be translocated without the permission of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). Sources said that the wildlife board has decided to go ahead with the decision without NTCA nod. Despite the Supreme Court ordering shifting of lions from Gir to Kuno-Palpur, the Gujarat government is not ready to part with its lions. The state government has not approached SC with a contempt petition in the matter. The SC has issued notices to union government and Gujarat government on a petition filed by wildlife activist Ajay Dubey. The petition has yet to come up for hearing. Madhya Pradesh has been trying to shift Gir lions to the state since long.

As chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had refused to allow translocation of lions. After Modi becoming the Prime Minister, the state government put the issue on the backburner. The government has spent millions on developing Kuno-Palpur for the lions. Many villages were relocated from inside the park.

2 kids attacked by tigers in my constituency: CM

At the meeting, the chief minister said that tough action should be taken against poachers of big cat. He said that urgent steps need to be taken to combat incidents of tigers being electrocuted or killed by other means. He said that the forest department should do everything needed for protecting tigers. But he said that the other side of the coin should also not be ignored. In his constituency Budhni, Chouhan said, tigers had attacked and injured two children. He said that five per cent of the amount spent on non-forestry projects executed within reserve forest areas should be deposited in the account of Tiger Foundation. At the meeting, wildlife experts said that with roads being constructed inside forests, tigers have started foraying into the urban areas.

Tired of Gujarat reluctance on Gir lions, MP to release tigers in Kuno

Tired of Gujarat reluctance on Gir lions, MP to release tigers in Kuno

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh seems to have given up the ambitious Asiatic lion translocation programme from Gir lion sanctuary in Gujarat to Kuno-Palpur sanctuary in MP.

After nearly two-decades of unsuccessful tussle with Gujarat over translocation of Gir lions to Kuno-Palpur sanctuary near Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh government on Tuesday unofficially gave up hope on the project.

A Supreme Court order mandating the translocation of Asiatic lions from Gir sanctuary to Kuno-Palpur in MP could not move the Gujarat government from parting with the big cat.

Diluting its claim on the programme, MP government decided to release and rehabilitate tigers in the Kuno-Palpur sanctuary which they claim is ready.

"As the Kuno-Palpur sanctuary is ready to rehabilitate the big cats, we will now release tigers in the park," announced chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan during State Wildlife Board meeting, hinting at a possible failure in getting the Asiatic lions from neighbouring state.

Chouhan's decision came in the view of the delay by the Gujarat government. Both the states are BJP-ruled and Gujarat government considered the lions as 'heritage of the state'. The leaders had also maintained that a decision of handing over lions would turn into a big political issue in Gujarat.

"A writ petition was filed in 1995 by the Centre for Environment Law and World Wildlife Fund India (WWF-I) in the Supreme Court to get the Gujarat government release 19 Asiatic lions for the Kuno-Palpur wildlife sanctuary. The Supreme Court fast-tracked the case and delivered a judgement on April 16, 2013, permitting the reintroduction of lions to Kuno, over-ruling the objections of the Gujarat government. But, the order is yet to be complied," said a senior officer of MP Wildlife.

When contacted, principal chief conservator of forests (PCCF) Animesh Shukla and PCCF (Wild Life) Jitendra Agrawal did not respond to the calls.

Sources said the decision to release tigers in Kuno-Palpur sanctuary clearly indicated that Madhya Pradesh government has given up hope on getting Gir lions from Gujarat.

"This is clear from the statement that Madhya Pradesh will not get Asiatic lions against Gujarat's will. Ironically, Asiatic lion is the nation's pride and do not belong to only one state. The decision to translocate the big cat was based on scientific research and to save the species from extinction as the single population faces threats of epidemics, natural disasters and other anthropogenic factors", retired IFS and wildlife expert Jagdish Chandra told TOI.

Officials said that Madhya Pradesh government had notified and evacuated 345 sq km area for Kuno-Palpur sanctuary in 1981 and an additional 900 sq km of buffer zone was created in 2015 but, have made no mention of notifying the buffer zone area as a sanctuary, which is being contended by Gujarat government.

Sources said, wildlife experts and officials of the ministry of environment and forests in a reversal position have also anticipated that without notifying the areas as a sanctuary, it would be detrimental to the breeding and survival of the lions as they lived in social prides.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Long term plan to increase number of tigers, leopards in State: CM

Long term plan to increase number of tigers, leopards in State: CM

Staff Reporter,

Tigers to be kept in Kuno-Palpur Sanctuary

Five percent amount obtained from the non-forest works under State's protected areas will be deposited in Tiger Foundation Society. This amount will be used to undertake works of conservation and promotion of forests and wildlife. State's tigers will be kept in Kuno-Palpur Sanctuary.

These decisions were taken at a meeting of State Wildlife Board chaired by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday. Forest Minister Dr Gaurishankar Shejwar was also present on the occasion.

CM said, during the meeting that a long term plan should be made to increase the number of tigers and leopards in State. Stern action should be taken in incidents of illegal hunting of tigers and death of tigers due to electrocution. Forest Department should consider tiger conservation with integrity. Efforts should be made to stop loss of life due to their entry in residential areas. Efforts should be made to increase grassland for conservation of Kharmore and Son Chiraiyya. Consider handing over the work of gas cylinder refill of Ujjwala Yojana in Vangrams to forest committees.

It was informed, in meeting that a notification of 21 eco-sensitive zones in protected areas of the State was released. A proposal for upgradation of Bithoula to Gokulpur Marg and Girwai to Tilli Factory Marg in Gwalior District's Ghatigaon area has been approved. Approval has been given to construct speed breakers in areas of Tiger crossings to avoid accidents of wild animals on road. Construction of rural road from Vineka to Borpani under Ratapani sanctuary was approved. Similiarly construction of Nirawali-Mohna road in Ghatigaon area has been approved.
Meanwhile, preparations are on for Tiger Census of 2018 in State. As many as 144 eco-tourism areas have been selected in State. About 1,000 people are connected in State with the close to my heart programme being run for wildlife conservation. For this a donation of Rs 300 has to be made.

Additional Chief Secretary Forests Deepak Khandekar, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Animesh Shukla, non-government members of Wildlife Board and concerned officials were present on the occasion.

Gujarat’s no to share lions prompts Madhya Pradesh to climb down

Gujarat's no to share lions prompts Madhya Pradesh to climb down
The indianEXPRESS

UNABLE TO get lions from Gujarat despite an order from the Supreme Court, the Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Board on Tuesday recommended release of tigers in the Kuno Palpur sanctuary created to provide an alternate home to the Asiatic lion.

The translocation project was conceived in the 1990s at the instance of the Wildlife Institute of India. The Gujarat government raised several objections and after a protracted legal battle, the apex court in 2013 ruled that some lions be shifted from Gir in Gujarat.

In 2014, the apex court threw out a curative petition, the last legal recourse available before Gujarat to stall the translocation. More than three years later, the order is yet to be followed, with the Gujarat government coming out with one reason or the other to scuttle the translocation.

When the state wildlife board meet began on Tuesday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan recommended that tigers be shifted from other areas because the 700-odd sq km sanctuary has remained unutilised.

Additional chief secretary (forest) Deepak Khandekar told The Indian Express that a male tiger has already been spotted at Kuno Palpur and efforts will be made to release a tigress. He said the board's recommendation, taken at the instance of the chief minister, was independent of the efforts to translocate lions from Gujarat. Asiatic lions are found only in Gir.

Wildlife activist Ajay Dubey, who has filed a contempt petition in the apex court citing undue delay in compliance, said the state wildlife board's decision amounted to contempt. The apex court had on November 14 issued notices to the Gujarat government and the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Accusing Chief Minister Chouhan of betrayal, Dubey said he would move the court again to make the MP government a party in the contempt petition. The activist alleged that the BJP government in the state deliberately climbed down to allow the party-ruled government in Gujarat and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to score brownie points ahead of the assembly elections. The MP wildlife board's recommendation will create an impression that Gujarat has won the battle and scuttled translocation to protect its USP, he said.

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