Friday, November 18, 2011

Sayajibaug zoo obtains two Asiatic lions

Sayajibaug zoo obtains two Asiatic lions
Times of India
For the first time in recent history, the Sayajibaug Zoo will have Asiatic lions among its collection of animals. The lions were procured by the zoo recently in exchange for exotic birds with the Sakkarbaug zoo at Junagadh.
The Sayajibaug zoo presently has three ageing lions, but all are cross bred. The two lions from Sakkarbaug will be the only Asiatic lions on display at the zoo.
The lions are sub-adults. While the lion is four-year-old Kunvar, the lioness is 2.5-year-old Jeal. In-charge zoo curator Dr C B Patel said that the exchange of animals was done after obtaining necessary permissions from the Central Zoo Authority of India (CZAI).
He added that the zoo would at a later stage try to ensure that the pair mates and breeds in the zoo. Patel said that the CZAI had made clear norms that crossbred animals should not be added to the zoos.
"We cannot add such animals and have been asked not to breed them too," Patel said.
Besides the two lions, the zoo has also obtained a jackal and three Manipuri deer from the Sakkarbaug zoo. The Sayajibaug zoo already has a female jackal and the pair may breed in the future, Patel said.

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