Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gagan was brought to revive lion safari

Gagan was brought to revive lion safari
Times of India

Gagan was one of the four Asiatic lions brought to the Chhatbir zoo to revive the lion safari, the main attraction of the zoo which had virtually started losing steam due to the death of hybrid lions put up for the show.

It was after much persuasion by wildlife department that the Central Zoo Authority of India (CZAI) had approved the shifting of lions to this zoo for the revival of the safari.

According to CZAI rules the details of animals' health and bloodline are provided to the zoo where animals are transferred under exchange programme or breeding programme.
The cub survival rate of the Asiatic lions of Gujarat is higher than their African counter parts. A study has revealed the cub survival rate of Gir forest was about 56%. A recent study, conducted by V Meena of Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, named Reproductive Strategy and Behaviour of Male Asiatic Lions, revealed that the survival rate of the cub was the lowest in the first year of birth. The study says cub survival depends on factors like infanticide (which results in death of 60%), abandonment (13%) and other natural causes (26%). Early mortality of cubs due to infanticide was the chief factor limiting their survival. The study said until the cub turns three years old (sub adult age), the survival rate is only 56%.

The website of Africa-based Kalahari Predator Conservation Trust, quoting International Union for Conservation of Nature, has stated that as a result of the food shortage, negligence and takeover of power by other males, only 20% of lion cubs live to experience more than two years of life. About 27% of all cubs die from the hierarchy invasion.

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