Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sayajibag Zoo gets pair of Asiatic lions

Sayajibag Zoo gets pair of Asiatic lions

After a period of more than two decades, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) owned Sayajibag Zoo has got a pair of young lions from its counterpart in Junagadh district. The lions were brought from the Sakkarbaug zoo after due permission from Central Zoo authorities, C B Patel, Sayajibag zoo incharge told PTI. Despite Gujarat's Gir being the only abode to Asiatic lions, Sayajibag did not have lions. So the VMC approached the Sakkarbag zoo in Junagadh for getting a young pair, he said. Patel. The Sakkarbag authorities parted with the lions in exchange of one pair each of Indian Piad Hornbills, imperial Phena sant, a golden phena sant, and a female blue crown pigeon, Patel said. The name of the female lion aged two years is Jale and male lion aged over three years is Kunvar. Both of them have been kept in separate enclosures at present. The Sayajibag zoo has three male hybrid lions but having Asiatic lions, is a matter of pride, he said adding this will increase tourist inflow.

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