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Gir documentary finds place in LA fest

Gir documentary finds place in LA fest
Times of India

'Sinh Samrajaya - Lions Domain', a 15-minute documentary on the Asiatic lions produced and directed by Gujarati producer Nirav Parikh and his wife Swati has found a place in the LA New Wave International Film Festival, Season 2 which was organised earlier this month in Los Angeles.

The Parikh family has been involved with the Gir forest for the past decade. Parikh's children Devashri (14) and Parth (9) also feature in the film where they talk of the lions.

The documentary is about green soldiers - the four members of the family. Swati Parikh said that unlike other tourists who just see the lions and leave, the green soldiers have a very interesting perspective to their observation and study during lions sighting in forest. The family has unique experience to share.

Swati said that Nirav has been filming the lions for the past 20 years, but the three days when this documentary was shot were the best days for the family.

"We all were witness to territorial fight and even the two kids witnessed this which is a rare shoot for any filmmaker."

Diving details of the documentary she said that the film reveals the social structure and the behaviour of the lions in Gir forest, where the female plays a major role in regulating the joint family affair. The disciplinary protocols, laid down by the king himself, has to be followed by every member of the family or else they face the consequences, said Swati.

Role of water to suffice the Gir lion eco-system, co-existence of mammals, herbivores, and avian fauna in particular are also projected in this film. She said that apart from the LA film festival, the documentary has been nominated for the Japan film festival too. However, the schedule is yet to be decided.

The film was first screened in the international bird watchers' conference held in Khijadia earlier this year.

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