Friday, April 27, 2012

Two lions punisher for human folly

Two lions punisher for human folly
Times of India

Two Asiatic lions are facing 'life imprisonment' for no fault of theirs! A lion, which was harassed by a group of villagers, brutally killed a 35-year-old man in Dholadri village of Amreli district on April 18. The area falls under expanded lion territory called Bruhad Gir.

As per rules, any lion or wild cat which attacks humans are captured and caged in Sakkarbaug Zoo or in the rescue centre in Sasan Gir for life time. However, investigation into the entire episode has thrown up some disturbing facts.

While forest department maintains that the man was attacked when he went into the bushes, sources in the social forestry department confirmed to TOI that the man was part of a group, which had actually snatched away a cow that was killed by the lion on April 17 by pelting stones at it.

"Next day early morning, the group again went to the area where lions were located and started harassing the pair. They continued to disturb the lions till 3 pm when finally one of lions brutally killed the man, Bhura Parmar," a source said. The lion tore apart the man and finally sat on his chest. Even forest officials had a tough time to collect the man's body parts and they used a tractor to keep the lion away.

Later the lion was captured and forest officials are on lookout for the other lion to capture it.

When asked, Rajula range forest officer A B Bloch said Parmar along with others had gone to collect firewood in the area when the lion attacked him. But forest officials confirm that lion never attack humans unless they are disturbed.

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