Monday, April 23, 2012

Lions kill two cows

Lions kill two cows
Times of India

A pride of nine lions wreaked terror in Khilavad village of Una taluka in Junagadh district on Saturday night by attacking cattle and killing two cows.

According to the forest department officials, villagers of Khilavad said that they locked themselves into their houses after they heard the big cats roaring on Saturday night.

"The villagers claimed there were nine lions of one pride, which attacked a group of six cows, killing two of them.

The lions dragged the two cows into the orchard owned by Rasik Patel and feasted on their carcasses till early Sunday morning. Some of the villagers who had witnessed this scene alerted us," said a forester.

Meanwhile, forest department has started devising strategies to tackle the lion menace in Khilavad village.

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