Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mating lion attacks Maldhari

Mating lion attacks Maldhari
Times of India

After killing a cub, it was the turn of a Maldhari to fall prey to a mating pair in Dhari region in Gir east.

On Monday, Maya Natha, a Maldhari was taking his cattles for grazing when he was attacked by a mating lion. The Maldhari has been admitted to the hospital.

Officials said that Natha along with his brother was heading with his herd of buffalos when accidentally he went close to a mating pair. The lion, sensing trouble, immediately pounced on the Maya Natha and injured him.

The irritated lion then left and sat under a tree. Natha was admitted to the Civil Hospital in Amreli and his condition was said to be stable.

This was the second such attack in the last four days. Earlier, a four-month old cub was killed by a loner lion when it was not allowing it to come close to the lioness. Officials said that according to the information, the Maldhari unaware of the pair went too close to the pair and he was attacked.

Officials said if the lion is with a lioness, he always percieves anyone nearby as a possible threat. It was on Wednesday last week, when a cub was killed as he was too small to face the agitated lion.

Postmortem revealed that the cub had injuries in the skull, neck and even ribs. The nature of the injury suggested that the lion, even after killing the cub, would have flung it several times.

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