Friday, August 03, 2018

Lions attack civilian near Gir National Park in Amreli


Lions attack civilian near Gir National Park in Amreli


A shepherd was injured while trying to save his goats and sheep from two lions on the outer limits of the Gir National Park in Amreli district in Gujarat, said forest department officials today.

The incident took place on July 21 at Ambardi village of the district, around 240 from here, when the shepherd, Bhavesh Bharwad, had taken his sheep and goats to a nearby hilly area for grazing, said Range Forest Officer Kapil Bhatia. Ambardi's boundary touches the forest area of the Gir National Park, the last abode of lions in Asia.

According to Bhatia, when Bharwad reached the hilly area, on the outskirts of the village, with his goats and sheep, two lions tried to attack his livestock. "Bharwad rushed towards the lions to scare them away. While doing so, one of the lions attacked him with its claws," said Bhatia.

The lion's nails left a minor scratch on Bharwad's arm, he said. In his statement to forest officials, Bharwad said after being attacked, he started shouting to draw the attention of villagers and seek their help. "Upon learning about the attack, several villagers rushed to the spot to help Bharwad.

They all chased away the lions," said Bhatia. Bharwad was discharged after treatment at a health centre in Savarkundla, he added.

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