Friday, August 10, 2018

Eight-year-old radio-collared lioness dies


Eight-year-old radio-collared lioness dies

The Times Of India


RAJKOT: An eight-year-old radio collared lioness died at Jasadhar animal care centre in Junagadh district on Wednesday.


The lioness was shifted to this centre after she was found ill in a farm in Savarkundla taluka of Amreli district two days ago. She was sick and stayed put in the farm of Dilu Khyuman in Ghoba a village. Though she was radio-collared, the forest department did not get to know that she had come inactive. When the lioness did not show any movement for three days, Khuman informed the officers.


P. Purshothama, deputy conservator of forest, Dhari, said "We found her unconscious and shifted her to the hospital. The blood samples were sent for laboratory tests. There were no external injury marks but we are waiting for postmortem report to ascertain the exact cause of death."


Sources said that the lioness that she succumbed to hemochromatosis, a disorder which causes excessive deposition of iron in the tissues and ultimately leads to liver damage.


When asked why they did not know about her condition despite being radio-collared, he said, "This device has a specific lifespan. She was radio-collared in 2015 and we were not getting enough signals."

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