Friday, May 04, 2018

Patna zoo to welcome new inmates soon


Patna zoo to welcome new inmates soon

The Times Of India


PATNA: City's Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, commonly known as Patna zoo, is set to welcome new animals from Delhi, Bhopal and Assam soon.

Under an exchange programme with the National Zoological Park-Delhi, the Patna zoo authorities will bring a female rhino and a male Manipuri deer here in the first week of May. In return, the Delhi zoo will get a male rhino and a female deer.


At present, the Patna zoo has two male and five female Manipuri deer as well as 12 rhinos.


Under another exchange deal with the Van Vihar National Park-Bhopal, the Patna Zoo will get an Indian bison in exchange for an Asiatic lion. A Patna zoo official told this reporter on Thursday, "We have just one female Indian bison here and she needs a breeding partner."


Animal exchange programmes are approved by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).

"In a deal with the Assam State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden, we will give one white tigress and two pairs of 'gharials' and get one tiger in return. An Assam zoo team is set to visit the Patna zoo for this purpose," the zoo official said.


Patna zoo is also expected to get few animals under another exchange programme with a Denmark zoo in July. The deal was reportedly sealed last year.


"We will bring animals like rhinoceros, iguana, green anaconda, royal python and Nile Crocodile from Denmark in exchange for a male and seven female 'gharials'. However, building new enclosures for the inmates will take some time," said the official.


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