Wednesday, September 28, 2011

African Cheetah dies in Junagadh zoo

African Cheetah dies in Junagadh zoo

An African Cheetah, brought from Singapore Zoo in 2009, died here due to renal failure this morning.

The 12-year-old Cheetah was brought from Singapore along with three other cheetahs when
Sakkarbaugh Zoo traded three of its lions with them to Singapore zoo.

According to the zoo officials, last cheetah in the zoo had died 60 years ago in 1946. The death of the male cheetah today has shocked the zoo officials who tried to save his life desperately.

They even called specialists from Singapore to treat the ailing cheetah but to no avail.

The Sakkarbaug Zoo, established in 1863, has a natural history museum in a large hall in the veterinary hospital. The museum opened with the skeletons of two Asiatic lions, as well as panther, deer, wild boar, antelope, black buck, blue bull, and spotted deer. Eggs, beaks, and feathers of various birds were also on display. The museum will be expanded as specimens become available, the officials said.

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