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Within 18 months before Lion census

Within 18 months before Lion census
Gujarat Samachar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Lion census is to begun from 24th April. At the time, 117 wild animal deaths have been reported that include lions, leopards, hynas, python, deer and blue-bulls.

News article further writes that since 23-8-2008 till date, 18 lions, 29 leopars, 5 lion cubs, 2 pythons, 6 Hynas, 1 crocodile, 3 wolves, 23 blue-bulls, 11 black-bucks and 11 chinkars in total 117 wild animals and 1 owl, 5 darters and 42 peacocks have died. Of this

• three lions have died due to internal fight, 1 lioness, 5 leopards
• two cubs & one hyna have died due to accidents, one lion, two lioness & one leopard have been killed
• One lioness six lions, two lionesses, one leopard, and one hyna have died during treatment.
• Two leopards and one cub have died due to drawning.
• One lion, two hynas, one python and one crocodile have died due to vehicle accident. Not a single driver is still caught for such vehicle accident & negligence.
• One lion and two leopards have died due to falling in Open Wells.

Maximum animal deaths are in Tulsishyam range that includes seven lions, three lionesses, 8 leopards and 2 hynas Eight forest were reported in which 125 Ha of forest was burnt.

41 animal attacks humans were reported of which four people died. All these four human deaths are due to leopard attacks.

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