Friday, April 09, 2010

15 peacocks found dead in state

15 peacocks found dead in state
Times of India

Fifteen peacocks died on Thursday in two separate incidents reported from villages of Junagadh and Sabarkantha districts.

Six peacocks including three peahens were found dead on Ubharan Raod in Malpur taluka of Sabarkantha district. According to range forest officer (RFO) DP Asari, it appeared to be a case of food poisoning. The birds were found lying in the vicinity of a cultivated land next to a temple there. "We are awaiting the FSL reports to confirm the cause of death," he said.

On the outskirts of Juni Chavand village in Visavadar taluka of Junagadh district, nine peacocks were found dead. "The carcasses appeared to have been lying there for over two days as about seven of them were eaten away by wild animals," said L M Kandoria, the regional forest officer. "Prima facie, the birds appeared to have been killed by pesticide poisoning from eating seeds or crops in fields nearby. At present there is no reason to suspect any other cause of death. PM reports will throw more light," Kandoria said.

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