Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leopard helps cops nab wanted extortionist

Leopard helps cops nab wanted extortionist
Times of India

In a bizarre incident, a man who had been on the run and was wanted in several cases of extortion in Bagvadar police station in Porbandar district was caught after he had to be hospitalised for a leopard attack.

According to forest officials, Meru Khunti, a resident of Kutvana village of Porbandar district, was admitted to a hospital on Monday morning after he was severely injured by a leopard on his head and back. However, there is not clarity as to the exact spot where the big cat pounced on the man in the village, forest officials said.

"Khunti is at present in serious condition and is under treatment. We have police guards on duty at the hospital in Porbandar. He will be arrested after his treatment," said a forest official. "We visited the place where he said he had been attacked on the outskirts of Kutvana village. It is on the border of a forest area. However, we have not found any signs of a fight with an animal," said the official.

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