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Lion population Estimation from 24th April

Lion population Estimation from 24th April
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Lion population Estimation is to start from 24th April 2010. forest department and lion lovers are expecting growth of about 7-10% As per census-2005 count is 359 lions in Gir PA.

This time 450 location points are fixed and counting shall continue till 27th April. All the date will be officially announced by Chief Minister Shree Narendra Modi on Gujarat Day-1st May 2010. This is 13th Lion census organized by the Forest Dept. said Principal Secretary Shree S. K. Nanda. This time the counting process is more scientific equipped with latest gazettes like GPS systems, Wireless, GIS systems for exate location of the animal etc. Primary count shall began from 2 PM on 24th April to 25th April. And final count shall be done from 2PM on 26th April to 2PM on 27th April. Said PCCF Shri Khanna. He added that four districts of Junagadh, Amreli, Bhavnagar and Porbandar are included. Five observers from Wildlife institute, Central Govt. and Environment and Forest Ministry have been deputed to monitor the whole process.

The whole forest area is divided into bits as units and villages in revenue area as units. Further whole PA area to be included during the count is divided into 28 zones and 100 sub-zones informed PCCF Shree Asari Direct sighting is best method he added.

Fact file:-

- Population as per Census-2005 was 359
- Staff of 1600 will be employed in counting.
- There will be 450 Locations
- 100 GPS systems to be used
- 100 special and 100 professional cameras to be used.
- There 89 Gir Lions in Indian Zoos.
- Count shall include separately Male, Female & cubs
- Four District included
- Place, Date and GPS Location of each sighting will be recorded.
- 100 volunteers will participate
- Team of Doctors available
- 200 vehicle and 450 bikes to be used

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