Monday, April 12, 2010

40 Lions have not seen the Jungle!

40 Lions have not seen the Jungle!
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Gir and Lion seen synonymous to all but there are about 40 lions habitating local village and vidi areas outside the jungle who will never see the Gir jungle.

There are many lions that have moved out of Gir forest into revenue areas and are still coming back to forest. But there are many other lions who have left Gir and are so much away that they cannot come back to the Gir jungle during their life time. There is estimate of 40 such lions. The reason for them not coming back to jungle is their inability to cross territory of other lions on their way back.

From Kankrach in Liliya Taluka to Chandgadh in Amreli Taluka about 20 such lion reside. Five residing in revenue Rabarika vidi have their territory till Jesar, Devda and Bagdana. Whereas a group in Pipardi area on Shetrunji river bank are moving in revenur villages of Shelana, Dhoba, Morba & Luvara, where there is no forest area.

Lion group in Bhonkarva – Vijayanagar area move till Likhada. Chhapari, Madhada and Dedakadi but their way back to jungle is closed. Check Dams (reservoirs) and farm water tanks are their water sources and sufficient domestic cattle as their food.

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