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Gujarat: Video of lion show with live bait goes viral


Gujarat: Video of lion show with live bait goes viral

The Times Of India


AHMEDABAD: A video showing three lionesses killing a cow used as live bait has gone viral on social media. This is the first time a video showing the use of live bait has emerged. After receiving initial reports, the forest department began an inquiry. It says the video may have been shot inside the Girnar Sanctuary.


Officials involved in the investigation said the landscape seems to indicate that the video was shot in the Girnar sanctuary area. The video shows a cow tied to a tree and three lionesses approaching from from different sides. The cow is attacked and dragged toward a forested area. The video has the voice of a local person, who tries to speak Hindi but uses Gujarati words. The local person is heard saying, "Don't go close, or she will take the bait away."


The effort to speak Hindi indicates this could be a live bait show organized for a visitor who does not understand Gujarati.


With the video viral, the forest department is investigating who filmed it and where. "We have received the video and are looking at the area. The landscape appears to be near Girnar Sanctuary. As the land features are similar inside and outside the sanctuary it cannot be said for sure. We are alsoexamining if it was shot recently," said CCF A P Singh.A senior officer with the Gandhinagar forest department said Maneka Gandhi, the prominent animal welfare activist, had called the forest department and asked them to act against those involved.There have been reports that local people were offering bait to lions and holding illegal "lion shows" for a price between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 per show. This is the first time a video showing live bait has appeared on social media. Forest department officials said it appears that the video was shot within the sanctuary area and forest department personnel at the beat guard level may be complicit, which would be a serious issueIn


Video: Gujarat: Three lionesses hunt cow, video goes viral

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