Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Religious fervour grips Mount Girnar, lakhs join Lili Parikrama

Religious fervour grips Mount Girnar, lakhs join Lili Parikrama
Times of India

More than eight lakh devotees thronged Mount Girnar in Junagadh for the annual 'Lili Parikrama', which began on Saturday night.

At least four lakh have already completed the 36-km-long 'Parikrama' around Mount Girnar, sources said, adding that one devotee, however, died of cardiac arrest while undertaking the pilgrimage. He has been identified as Chandu Parkhiya, 60, a resident of Gondal in Rajkot district.

Water is a major issue for Junagadh district administration this time around. The surroundings around Mount Girnar in the previous years had turned lush green after the monsoon. However, this is not the case this time.

"Water scarcity is there. However, this has not stopped the devotees from taking part in the annual 'Lili Parikrama'. Lakhs of people have reached Mount Girnar from across the state. The district administration has made arrangements to ensure that there is adequate water for those taking part in the 'Parikrama','' said Pravin Savaj, a volunteer.

About 30 special water supply points have been set up on the 'Parikrama' route to meet the drinking water requirement of the devotees, who are walking the 36-km stretch. At least 40 'anakshetras' (free food zones) have been set up by the voluntary organizations. The 'Parikrama' route begins from Girnar Taleti. The participants will walk through Jinabava Madhi, Sarkadiya, Malvela and Bordevi before returning to the starting point on the fifth day. Police have made tight security arrangements for the 'Parikrama.'

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