Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lion kills leopard cub in Amreli village

Lion kills leopard cub in Amreli village
Times of India

A four-month-old leopard cub was killed by a lion in Vad village of Rajula taluka in Amreli district on Monday.

The postmortem confirmed that the cub was mauled by a lion.

According to forest department officials, local villagers informed them about the dead leopard cub in Vad village. It was attacked on the banks of Sakardi river in the village.

"There is a pride of seven lions in this area. When we saw the leopard's cub, we found injuries on its neck. We have also found the pug marks of lions in the same area. Trackers found that female leopard was spotted with her cub but when she saw the group of lions, she left the cub and escaped from the spot. After that, one of lions killed leopard cub,'' officials said.

"There are good number of lions and leopards around this area'' said forest official.

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