Sunday, March 06, 2011

New home for Asiatic lions


New home for Asiatic lions

Times of India


The Mysore Zoo is making space for Asiatic lions from Gujarat after sending a pair of lions and a cub to Shimoga on Tuesday.


The tiger and lion safari at Tavarekoppa near Shimoga will now house the lions and female cub from the Mysore Zoo. The exchange programme was approved by the Central Zoo Authority and by the Zoo Authority of Karnataka.


The hybrid lions are sent to Shimoga to provide spacious enclosure for the Asiatic lions arriving from Sakkarabaug Zoo in Junagadh, zoo executive director K B Markandaiah. "We now have a male and female hybrid lions," he stated.


The Junagadh zoo is known for purebred Asiatic lions and is extending services in Indian and international endangered species captive breeding programme.

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