Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiger poachers can kill lions too: Guj

Tiger poachers can kill lions too: Guj

On Monday, the Gujarat government once again defended its refusal to part with Asiatic lions. In the Supreme Court, it cited more or less the same grounds it had presented earlier.

The state argued that relocating any lion to Madhya Pradesh's Kuno Palpur Sanctuary is fraught with danger as reports of poaching of tigers and other animals still continue to plague the wildlife conservation efforts in MP.

"Moreover, it has been proven that lions and tigers cannot coexist. There will be clashes over territory. Besides, both the big cats will share the prey. MP doesn't have enough prey base to fulfil the hunger of both the big cats," a source in the know of the events said.

The source further asserted that the arguments in the case are still going on and remarks or observations made when the court is hearing the case should not be taken as an indication of its inclination.

"There is no conclusion in the case. The court hears the arguments with an open mind. When arguments are being heard, the court cannot always stay silent. Some remarks are bound to be made," he said.

In an earlier hearing, the SC had remarked that the lions are not the 'property' of any state government. The bench had sought the state wildlife board's views on the relocation of lions which was scheduled for hearing on Monday. The SWLB had unanimously decreed in its meeting on Friday against relocating any lion to MP.

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