Thursday, June 25, 2009

Train fails mid-jungle in Gir

Train fails mid-jungle in Gir
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

A train Junagadh – Delwada Express started from Talala at 11 AM. After about 1 km, inside the Gir jungle, between Talala and Jambur (Gir), engine of the train seized due to oil leak. Oil drained out from its tank and spilled over causing engine to seize. Another rescue engine pulled away the train at 2 : 30 Pm. About 700 passengers were stuck for 3 – 4 hours inside the jungle.

Kishore Kotecha's Comment :- Three short distance trains are passing through jungle everyday. In the past lions and other animals have also died in train accidents. And now whole train itself stops midway disturbing wildlife. Should not these trains be stopped?

1 comment: said...

yes ofcourse.
the trains & other development projects should be stopped in protected area mainly in core zone.
oterwise the thing that done in rajaji np in uttaranchal will repeat in gir also.
tanmay pandya
jai shri krishna, kishorbhai,

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