Friday, June 26, 2009

Parting at Modern Farm Houses in Forest area near Una

Parting at Modern Farm Houses in Forest area near Una
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

In last few years many modern farm houses have been built on periphery of  Gir forest in Una sub- district by 'rich' non-locals. These have all modern amenities. Frequent food, Wine & women parties are arranged in such rich hunting small animals for party can also not be neglected. If this be true, it is shame for the administration.

Recently news appeared about firing in air by a Rajkot builder in incidence of land measurement dispate with neighbor. When his house was searched, police found bottles of beer, bullets, condoms etc. police complaint has also been lodged at Gir Gadhda police station. It other farm houses in the area owned by 'rich non – locals ' are searched, police/forest staff may find many more illegal things & activities.

Few people also say that such rich farmers do 'sinh – darshan' (Lion sighting) with the help of local forest staff. It is also fact that to escape police jurisdiction, people go to religious places and other possible places inside the forest boundry to gamble, more particularly in Shravan month.

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