Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three cheers to Gir Lion fans! Population on rise.


Three cheers to Gir Lion fans! Population on rise.

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Experts and foresters feel that there will be high increase in lion population when counted in 2010 census. Their belief is supported by their sighting of around 125 cubs and sub-adults. Normally mortality rate is high in cubs. But this 125 lions have crossed that risky age.


As per figures given by M.S. Sharma conservator of Forest, 30 lions have died by falling in open well since 2001 and 144 lions have met natural death since 2005.he says almost 8-10% of lions die every year. Last year 55 lions died, which was very high. Population growth of lions is around 1.5 to 2.% every year. But this year situation was favorably changed. Forest staff is cheering because of this many healthy baby lions. Lion censes is organized in April-May 2010.   

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