Monday, June 15, 2009

Indian pitta, pied crested cuckoo arrive at Hingolgadh sanctuary

Indian pitta, pied crested cuckoo arrive at Hingolgadh sanctuary
Times of India

The environment of Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary in Rajkot district has undergone a change with the arrival of the Indian pitta,  
locally known as 'navarang'. The beautiful voice of the bird has changed the sanctuary.

According to VD Bala, a forester at the sanctuary, the Indian pitta and pied crested cuckoo (locally known as chatak) arrived a few days ago. "Indian pitta arrives here before monsoon. It is a local migratory bird and comes from Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. It is beautiful to listen to and watch this bird with nine colours (navarang). About 15 pairs of navarangs have been noticed in the sanctuary.''

"The Indian pitta is seen in Gir, Barda and surrounding areas as well. They stay here for about four months and then return home," said Bhavesh Trivedi of Navarang Nature Club. The pied crested cuckoo arrives from South Africa.

The Hingolgadh Sanctuary is 180 km away from Ahmedabad and extends over a forest area of 654.07 hectares. The sanctuary has been holding nature education camps for school and college students every year and is rich with 229 bird species.

According to Bala, monsoon is the best time to visit Hingolgadh Sanctuary.

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