Monday, June 08, 2009

Lion attacks farmer at Anjar village


Lion attacks farmer at Anjar village

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


One more man – animal conflict!!


Anjar of Una Taluka is located very near to Gir forest of Easters Division.


Ramsingh Dhirubhai Jankant and his uncle Arjan Bhana (Age 50yrs) were cutting grass for their domestic animals fodder. In the evening at about 5 PM a lion suddenly attacked Arjan Bhana from back. He fell down with lion claw chest. He started shouting for help and Ramsing came to his rescue. Injured Arjan was taken to hospital for treatment and is safe.


In the morning the same lion killed two animals in nearby farm of Boghabhai Balubhai.


Kishore Kotecha's Comment :- Lions straying outside the jungle in search of food and territory is very common. Also increase in Sinh – Darshan is cause of such attacks. Local people harase lions at kill or when they are resting. This irritates the animals making them feel human-beings as their enemy. So when time comes they attack human being as a cause of previous harassment of few notorious people. Sometimes old no made animals, having lost capacity to hunt wild animals, attack children and man.

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