Friday, June 19, 2009

Lion and Leopard attack two man


Lion and Leopard attack two man

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Vijabhai Mayabhai Rabari was grazing his cattle at Nana – Samadhiyala village of Una sub-district. At about 10 AM a lioness tried to hunt on his cattle herd. Vijabhai tried stop lioness and in turn lioness attacked on him. He was injured on ear and arm. He was hospitalized and is out of danger.


In another incidence at Nitli village of Una sub-district, farm labour Harif Jabar Unad was ploughing cotton in farm of Jadav Govind Kachhadiya. Suddenly a leopard hiding in near by bushes attacked him. It caught him by his hand. When other labour Rahim came to his rescue and shouted, leopard left injured man and ran away.

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