Monday, July 05, 2010

State govt allocates Rs 10 cr for Ambardi lion interpretation zone

State govt allocates Rs 10 cr for Ambardi lion interpretation zone
Times of India

The state government has allocated Rs 10 crore for set-ting up the second lion interpretation zone in Ambardi near Dhari in Amreli.This would come as a major boon for tourists who want to see lions in Gir nearer to Diu.

Ambardi promises a whole new tourist circuit which will include Gir National Park (Junagadh-Saurastra), Tulsishyam and Diu for the Amdavadi and south Gujarat backpackers. While, the second sight-ing zone is being set up near Khodiyar Dam as so far, lions were spot-ted only in parts around Sasan in Junagadh district.

Officials said this area would be developed on the lines of Devalia in-terpretation zone for Asiatic lions, making it easier tourists as they can visit Gir National Park (Junagadh-Saurastra) and Diu in a single trip. Till now, travellers were forced to take a longer route from Ju-nagadh, Sasan, Kodinar and finally Diu,which is over 500 km from Ahmedabad. But now, after developing Ambardi as tourist spot, one can directly head for Amreli and from there to Kodinar via Tulsish-yam and to Diu, saving around 100 km.

Officials said that earlier the state government had sanctioned Rs 4.7 crore for the interpretation zone which was later revised to Rs 10 crore project. But now, with the government planning to have lions as it main face of tourism, the tourism department has sanctioned the remaining amount and the same has been dispersed to the forest de-partment for speedy action.

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