Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leopard injures farmer in swimming pool

Leopard injures farmer in swimming pool
Times of India

JUNAGADH: A leopard that had fallen into a swimming pool at a farmhouse in a village of Visavadar taluka used the cage as a spring board to jump and  
vanish into the forest after injuring a farmer on Saturday morning.

According to forest officials, the leopard had fallen into the swimming pool in the farmhouse of Popat Vaghasiya on Friday night. "Following this, we rushed to the site and placed a cage outside the pool to trap the big cat," said a forester.

"However, next morning this plan went awry after the cage fell into the pool as its rope snapped. This agitated the leopard so much that it climbed atop the floating cage in the pool and using it as a spring board jumped out of the pool," he said. "As a large crowd had gathered at the spot, the big cat bit farmer Mansukh Vadodariya in his leg before vanishing in the forest," he added.

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