Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 lion cubs found dead near Gir

2 lion cubs found dead near Gir
Times of India

BHAVNAGAR: Two lion cubs were found dead on the outskirts of Rani village, bordering Gir forest that falls in Jesar taluka of Bhavnagar district on  
Thursday morning. Investigations revealed the cubs were killed by a lion of another pride during a fight among themselves, said foresters here.

"Villagers spotted the carcasses and notified us," said a forest official, who had rushed to the spot. According to him, the cubs were apparently killed by an adult lion out of rivalry between two prides and did not die of poaching as was earlier suspected. "The injury marks on cubs' bodies showed deep wounds caused by teeth and claws of a male lion," he said.

These types of killings are common among lion prides. Usually when a lioness defects to another pride and gives birth in that pride, the lion of the former pride hunts down the cubs," the forester said.

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