Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gir croc kills photographer

Gir croc kills photographer
Times of India By Himanshu Kaushik

Ahmedabad: A photographer was reportedly dragged away and killed by a crocodile inside the Gir forest on Monday. Sanjay Patel, 37, was among a group of pilgrims travelling to Dwarka by a Gujarat Transport Corporation bus.

Deputy conservator of forest M Raja said Patel had illegally entered the jungle. Forest officials said they are hardpressed to stop such trespassing incidents. Forest officials are investigating why the victim disembarked from the vehicle. Walking around in a core area of a forest is against rules.

A couple of months ago, a youth who tried filming a lion mating on his cellphone was killed by the felines.

Forest officials say though vehicles are usually allowed to pass through the sanctuary area, the occupants are prohibited to disembark and walk around unless one is visiting the Tulsishyam Temple.

Kishore Kotecha's Comment : It has been clarified in another Gujarati Daily (Divya Bhaskar) that death was due to drowing as intact body of young man was found out at 10 PM on the same day. But my question is, how did this man and other 1000 pilgrims were allowed to travel on foot in restricted area of the forest?

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