Sunday, June 13, 2010

Two leopard carcasses recovered

Two leopard carcasses recovered
The Hindu

Carcasses of two male leopards have been recovered from Bhalgam-Zanzesar and Jambuda villages, raising concern over increasing number of wild animal deaths in the Visavadar area of Junagadh district.

The wild cats were recovered recently and postmortem conducted on a 2-year-old leopard from Zanzesar ruled that it died due to food poisoning.

Forest officials also recovered the decomposed carcass of a male leopard from a field in the Jamudi village subsequently. Its autopsy report is awaited.


Following this, patrolling has been intensified in these areas.

Investigations are on to establish whether these animals ate some poisonous food or were fed contaminated food as no injury marks were found on the them.

Recovery of black deer and peacocks from Visavadar area in the recent past have already sent the forest officials into a tizzy.

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