Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Only one big cat left at zoo

Only one big cat left at zoo
Hindustan Times By Bhavika Jain

Jimmy, a 12-year-old lioness is the only big cat remaining in the Byculla zoo after the death of the 22-year-old lioness, Anita, on Saturday.Jimmy is a hybrid between an African and Asiatic breed.She was born on March 28, 1998 in the zoo.

"After Anita, Jimmy is the only big cat left in the zoo," said Dr Sanjay Tripati, zoo veterinarian.

Anita, who died due to multiple organ failure, was the only pure Asiatic breed lioness the zoo ever had.

"We would give her multi-vitamin injections, every day four saline bottles would be given to her, she was fed juices and soups as she refused to eat solid food," said Dr Komal Pawar, the veterinarian in the zoo.

"She was a huge attraction to the children who visited the zoo," said Tripathi.
The life span of lions in captivity is 20 years while wild lions live for 15-16 years.
Until 2005, the Mumbai zoo was home to at least three species of large cats which included two white tigers, five leopards and three lions.

In 2005, the zoo lost both its tigers — Sunny and Supriya. The five leopards died due to old age, zoo officials said.

Another male lion Amar died in 2007 due to a prolonged disease. Amar, a hybrid between African and Asiatic lion, died young when he was just eight.
Amar was brought from the Hyderabad zoo in 2003.

He was suffering from kidney dysfunction. According to zoo vets, Amar had shown signs of weak kidney for over two years and was being treated for it.

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