Tuesday, June 01, 2010

69 rare vultures live at proposed Girnar rope-way location

69 rare vultures live at proposed Girnar rope-way location
Desh Gujarat

Girnar rope way project might face further troubles, as 47 vultures and their 22 nests have been recorded on rope way route.

Gandhinagar based GEER foundation had organized state-wide census of vultures in Gujarat last week. According to initial figures available, 47 vultures were spotted on Girnar hill and 22 in Devaliya park.

According to Prakruti nature club volunteers Dineshbhai Goswami, Jignesh Gohel, Devshibhai Ram, Janibhai, Vijaybhai Gandhi, Mahetabhai, Rajshibhai Ram and Aslambhai, who participated in vulture counting, the nests of vultures were spotted on the left after 1950 steps near Velnath on Girnar hill. Devshibhai said that there were various types of vultures including Dakugidh, Rajgidh, Kherogidh and Girnarigidh.

It should be mentioned here that due to population of rare vultures and lions in Girnar forest, the central environment and forest ministry has put proposed rope way project on hold here. The latest figures justify central minister Jairam Ramesh's stand on Girnar rope way project.

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