Monday, June 21, 2010


Times of India

Big cats take a stroll on this Amreli road, command respect of locals

A pride of lions was captured in the lens of wildlife photographer Dilip Jiruka as they swaggered along a road passing through Bhuva village in Amreli on Saturday afternoon. The stretch falls in the Gir sanctuary area.

It was a sight to behold — lions and humans sharing the same space amicably. The big cats did not attack passers-by as they moved along at a leisurely pace for about two hours. "They seemed to be enjoying their time in the rain during a brief spell," Jiruka said.

Forest officers said the lions often take this stretch to go to Shetrunji river for a drink. They even sit down on the road, blocking traffic for hours. Interestingly, as the lions moved without fear, the locals, who are now used to these beasts in their neighbourhood, were equally calm in their presence.

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