Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cracking of 2007 lion poaching case

Cracking of 2007 lion poaching case

The investigation into the sensational 2007 poaching case will be a model case for the wildlife conservators participating in the five-day long 'Wildlife Crime Management' course being held at Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Gandhinagar.
The programme was inaugurated by director general of police, Gujarat, SS Khadwawala on Monday.

The training programme for forest officers of the country has been
organised by Tiger Conservative Society of India, Wildlife Institute
of India- Dehradun, Traffic-India and DFS. Many forest conservators from Gujarat are participating in the programme.

Principal chief conservator of forest, Pradeep Khanna told DNA that the lion poaching case of Gujarat will become a model for investigation into wildlife crimes throughout the country. Talking about the investigation into the case, director Forensic Science Laboratory, JM Vyas said that a team of the FSL camped in Gir and ensured that all evidences were properly collected and analysed.

He said the measures that were taken to help solve the case could also prove helpful in solving other wildlife related cases in the country.The challenge for any investigative agency in convicting an accused is to ensure the collection and preservation of evidences.

"The evidence gathered from the scene of crime and the way they were analysed proved helpful in solving the case and nailing the accused," joint director, DFS, MS Dahiya. Eight lions were killed in the 2007 poaching incident.

Thirty eight people were arrested in connection with the case and
later on convicted. It was a landmark case which proved that 100% conviction is possible in wildlife crime cases.

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