Friday, November 20, 2009

Lion cub rescued from open well in Rajula

Lion cub rescued from open well in Rajula
Times of India

A lion cub that had fallen into an open well was rescued on Tuesday and reunited with its mother, who kept circling around the well throughout Monday night in a village of Dhari range of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to forest officials, the incident occurred on the outskirts of Govindpur village, where the lioness and her cub were roaming. "It appears that the cub couldn't see the open well and fell in it. The lioness kept circling around the well, moaning helplessly. The matter came to light on early Tuesday morning when villagers after spotting the lioness alerted us," said a forester.

A team of forest officials rushed to the site. First they drove the lioness away and lifted the cub out of the well. "Luckily, the cub had not received any serious injuries. It was bit terrified. However, it became calm on being reunited with its mother," the official said.

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