Friday, November 20, 2009

Leopardess mauls sleeping man, caged

Leopardess mauls sleeping man, caged
Times of India

A leopardess, that had attacked an elderly farm labourer in Patapur village of Una taluka in Junagadh district, was caged by forest department officials early on Wednesday.

According to the officials, the adult female mauled the labourer on Monday night while he was sleeping on a cot on the farm. "The leopard, which was lurking in the farm, gripped Megha Parmar's hand in its jaws and started dragging him. The victim started shouting for help as the cat dragged him 10 feet. Hearing his cries, family members and villagers rushed to the site and drove the leopard away," said a forester. The forest department was alerted and the injured were rushed to the primary health centre. Parmar received serious injuries on his hand.

A team of forest officials surveyed the site and checked the big cat's pugmarks to trace it. "We set up two cages with live bait inside at different locations. The leopardess was caged on Wednesday morning," the official added.

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