Monday, May 21, 2012

Windmills help quench lions' thirst in Gir

Windmills help quench lions' thirst in Gir
Times of India By Vijaysinh Parmar

Lions will have no quarter to complain this summer because of micro-ecosystems that have come into being in Gir forest of Saurashtra. The water pumping windmills set up by the forest department have brought into existence the micro-ecosystems and are helping to keep many artificial water points filled even in the interior parts of the jungle. The lions should not have any problem in quenching their thirst this summer.

Anshuman Sharma, deputy conservator of forests, Gir east division (Dhari), said 29 windmills have been installed in Dhari division. "All 29 water pumping windmills are operational. We will install a few more in the next few days."

He said, "Earlier, water was being supplied in the forest area in tankers. Employees of forest department used to fill the water points. It was difficult for them if the water points happened to be deep inside the forest. They could not go there regularly. Water pumping windmills have been installed at water points which were located in the interior parts of the forest. They are running well without anyone's help and are being constantly monitored."

Sharma informed there were 144 artificial water points for lions and animals in Dhari division. Windmills have been installed at 29 water points. They have created micro-ecosystems around them. Wild animals like to rest there.

Forest officials said a windmill consists of an 18 blade rotor. It has a diameter of 3 metres and is installed on a 10 metre high tower. The rotor drives the connecting rod and the pump. The windmill can pump water from a maximum depth of 30 metre, at an average wind speed of 8-10 km per hour. The approximate rate of pumping under ideal condition ranges from 1000 to 1200 litres per hour. A windmill could be installed on an open well, bore well, pond etc. at a site which is free of any obstacle.

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