Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Extreme Walk With the Lions

Extreme Walk With the Lions

The hotel of protea ranch resort, in the province limpopo of south African republic included in its services the uncommon entertainment, walk on the savanna together with the present lions, among which there is the rare form of white, which in the world it is counted only of 100 individuals.

The enclosure of lions is achieved without the use of any improvised means simply holding predator for the tail. The secret of safety of the so risky entertainment consists in the fact that the lions were born and grew in this hotel, being found in the environment of people, they already became accustomed to the two legged. Those desiring can note wedding in the environment of lions and make unique wedding photos. By the way, a similar entertainment with the kings of savannas become all more popular. Similar services render in Zambia, Mozambique and Kenya.

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