Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The full video know as the "Gir Forest" How far would the British go?

The full video know as the "Gir Forest" How far would the British go?

Not sure if theres some people who haven't seen the full video titled "Gir Forest". Apart from the infamous 1:31 video editing posted on google video by Royal_leo way back in 2006. I remember how when that video was edited, it decieved so many people When Royal_leo edited. But I had seen the Castle films, and was in complete shock and dismay trying to tell people it was edited. Royal_leo fooled a lot of people, it what was probably the most decieving video edit in the history of the internet..... Well the footage was actually shot in the 20's, and was pretty displaying The British rule over India. When people watch the video now, clear and unedited. They can see that's theres 5 to 6 lions in the video, and theres more than one tiger as well. What Lion-fans once saw as a victory, is now an eye-opener. Seeing how one can edit a video to decieve. In the video you see how far the British went in there propaganda over ruling India. It's mind boggling to see how many lions were used. It just goes to show, always take things with a grain of sult, and don't be so easily fooled. That's what the propaganda authors want from you.


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