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Gir lioness loses tail to gangrene

Gir lioness loses tail to gangrene
Times of India

She has lost her tail to a war of supremacy on the periphery of Gir sanctuary! A young lioness had a narrow escape when gangrene infected her tail.

The incident took place at Jasadhar range in Gir east when the forest officials realized that the lioness had a swollen tail , when they observed that a foul smell always seemed to envelop her.

Deputy conservator of forest Anshuman Sharma said "After assessing the situation, doctors were of the opinion that the gangrene has set in too deep and if the tail was not amputated, it might prove to be fatal for the lioness."

The doctors then decided to carry out the operation without waiting for any further treatment and finally in order to save the gangrene from further advancing the lioness had to sacrifice her tail, said Sharma.

"When the lioness was rescued, we saw that the lower portion of her tail was missing. On investigation, we found that the lioness had injured herself in the territorial infighting," said officials.

"Usually, such minor injuries do not require treatment and the animal, by licking its wound, heal it. But in this case of this lioness had not only developed maggots but was also infected with gangrene."

Initially, when the lioness was brought to the rescue centre at Jasadhar, she was treated with heavy antibiotics. But the treatment did not stop the advancing gangrene.

Sharma said that he was posted in Gir for the past two years. This was probably the first incident that he came across where a body part of an animal had to be amputated because of gangrene. He said that the lioness was now stable since last four days.

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