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In Gir Jungle Lions are named after famous person

In Gir Jungle Lions are named after famous person
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

In Gir Jungle beloved Gir lions are named by local people and forest staff according to their habits, nature, physical looks, age, expressions etc. although lions internally do not recognize other lions by names, they recognize by smell and colour. But when man calls a particular lion by his particular name he responds! This is an age-old culture of man-animal relationship in Gir.

Bandi(tail-cut), Zabo, Kadiya (e), Ekamal(Lone), Tadka, Buddho (Oldie), Subahu, Ramdas, Tiliyo (Spot forehead), Panchanand etc. are names of lions living in Gir. There is an amazing story behind naming each lion.

There is a lone (nomad) lion in Sapness area and he is named Ekamal (Nomad). When two local Maldharis meet, one would warm another saying take care, Ekamal is sitting in front. Forest staff also use this nomenclature with local maldharis to locate particular animal.

An another big male in the same Sapness area has grown old and he is named 'Budhodho' (Oldie). One lion near Mohvel village near Dhari has got 'Zatho' alias 'Zablo' name. its about 15 years old. Whereas an adult lioness has tail cut so she is named as 'Bandi' (cut-tail).

There was an furious lioness living near Tulsi Shyam area. When ever it show human beings it will get angry and start raising her tail. She had also attacked two people. So she was named "Fulandevi" (famous Indian lady decoit). In the same area a there was a pair of male-female who acted like mad. They were always running after each other and playing. So they were named 'Gandu Belad' (Mad-couple).

There was a lioness a lioness near Vadaliya Hanuman Asharam. She was little fair skin. She was named 'Dhobi-Sinhan' (washer-woman).

One Bajariya Bapu (saint) lived in Ashram in between Kankai and Satadhar forest area. A lioness that lived in that area was furious by nature. So she was named 'Tadka' (Hindu demon character). Bajariya bapu had named her this way. It is said that lions obeyed what Bajariya Bajariya Bapu said. There was another strong male lion in the area. Bapu had name him as 'Subahu'.

One lion had dark spot on its fore-head. He was called 'Tiliyo' (just like Tilak that Indians do on their forehead). Two male adult lions like brothers in Dhari Rural area. So they were name Bhim – Arjun (Indian religious characters). One another male lion would hunt pouncing his all four legs and fifth one his mouth. So people named him 'Pachanand' (using five parts). One lion was darker in colour nad was named 'Kaliyo' (Blackie).

Just like individual names, local people and forest staff name lion prides also depending on no. of members. One such pride had nine lions and was named Navnath'. One pride of Seven lioness anytime and suddenly attacked its domestic and wild prey. People named the pride after famous cone-group as 'Satnari' (Seven women). One pride had five lions hence 'Panchnath'. Isn't this fascinating!

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