Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another carcass found in Babariya range

Another carcass found in Babariya range
Times of India

A day after a lion was found axed to death, news of a decomposed carcass of an Asiatic lion found in Junagadh shocked animal lovers. However, the post mortem of the body, which was in fact found on Monday, proved that the lion had died a natural death a fortnight ago.

The body was found near Gir west, Babariya range, infamous for poaching of six lions by an MP gang in 2007. It was found next to Machundri river near Jokhiya.

According to deputy conservator of forests, Babariya range, Sandeep Kumar, the carcass is of a 14-year-old lion which had died of old age 15 days ago. All 17 claws and nails were found intact on the body, except one which might have fallen off due to old age, Kumar said. The carcass was found lying.

Ironically, though, the lion's body lay undetected for 15 days in this area which was supposed to be under strict vigil since the 2007. "It is very much possible that due to water present in the vicinity foul smell of decomposing was not smelt by the beatguards. It is surprising that they use to visit regularly in the area for bath and yet did not detect the body. We are looking into the matter as this area is covered by the foot patrol staff, who file an 'all well' report on a daily basis.

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Anonymous said...

Statement of Forest Officer is amazing. They determines the cause of death by just looking over the carcass only!!!! What symptoms of PM discloses that the poor animal died due to old age?
Lions have 18 claws. More amazingly, without any investigation it has been decided that the one missing had fallen due to old age of the animal. Do claws also fall like teeth due to old age???? For Gods sake, some one may ask those officers not to make any such baseless statements without entering in to thorough investigation. It can prejudice the fair investigation of such a grave incident.
The postmortem carried out in this case was very formal. They just carried out it on the spot only, by giving reason of decomposed state of the carcass. FSL techniques nowadays have improved in such manner that analysis of any decomposed carcass is possible. To find out the truth, such analysis and that also in well equipped laboratory is necessay.
Hope to get some responses from Lion loving friends of the group.

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