Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cow saves three from Leopard attack

Cow saves three from Leopard attack
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Rangpur is small village in Sutrapada sub-district. A farmer Basubhai Bhagwanbhai Daki was working in his farm at 07:45 AM, suddenly a leopard came out of the bush and caught him by him on his shoulder. Defence, leopard bit him on his shoulder. A commuter Sanjay Rambhai Dodiya (Age-21) who was passing by on his motor-cycle, rushed to help the farmer. Leopard attacked him and caught him by his left hand and then right leg. On hearing the cries of the victims, neighboring farmer gathered but no one had courage to rescue them. In the meantime Meru(Age-20), son of Basubhai, came forward to rescue. Suddenly, a white cow, going for grazing in simtal as usua, ran towards the scene of incidence and took the leopard by horns. Leopard attacked her as well but finally left the battle-field. All the three injured were taken to Junagadh hospital  for treatment. Also cow was given necessary injection.

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