Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head injuries killed lion: Postmortem

Head injuries killed lion: Postmortem

Times of India

The lion that was found dead with severe wounds on its throat and head died of the fatal traumatic injury. This was confirmed by the postmortem report, refuting claims of any other cause of death. Assitant conservator of forest (ACF) Anita Karne told TOI that inquiry in the matter is still on as the circumstances that led to the incident have to be verified.

Among the findings, one of the interesting facts was that the lion was not hungry which is believed to have made its its behaviour suspicious. Sources said, that the lion had preyed upon a goat and this was detected during the post mortem.

"The lion, three to five years old, has injured around nine persons, including villagers and forest beat guards, which is a strange behaviour," said Karne. The forest department is focusing on this point as to why the lion entered the human habitation and why it was so aggressive as to attack humans as this is not the animal's normal behaviour.

There were several questions raised on the wound area, which many animal lovers had claimed was abnormal for a sudden attack. However, refuting this argument, Karne said, "The injury under the neck happened due to a sudden attack with an axe which was thrown at the lion to save oneself."

This is the first incident ever when a lion was killed by villagers with an axe. In the past lions have been poisoned or electrocuted. On Monday morning the beast was first seen near Chorvadi village in Junagadh. It went on to hurt seven persons before it died in Mandanpura village. TNN

Police officials inspect the site where the lion was found killed on Monday

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