Wednesday, March 03, 2010

14 incidence of lion-leopard attack in six months in Amreli

14 incidence of lion-leopard attack in six months in Amreli
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

No. of lions and leopards living in revenue areas of Amreli district has risen causing more and more man-animal conflict incidences. In last six months only more than 14 such incidences have been reported. In these fourteen people are injured and one girl is killed.

Few months back a girl was killed by lion in Savarkundla range, her family members were given compensation of Rs. 1 Lac. One month back injured lion in Chalala area attacked the forest guard. A muslim young man was attacked by lion at Zanzariya near Bagasara. He was taken to Rajkot Hospital for treatment. A Patel young man was attacked by lion Ghatiyan near Bagasara. Two man were also attacked at Nana Samadhiyala and Dittan villagers of Chalala sub-district. A six year old girl was attacked by leopard at Krangsha village near Dhari. In the same village, Koli woman was attacked by leopard before three months. About four months before a leopard attacked a bull in farm at Morzar of Chalala Taluka. A koli young man was attacked by leopard at Monvel village near Dhari a lion attacked Ahir man at Bharad village of Dangavadar. A lion attack also happened at Virpur village on Harijan young man. Now in last 48 hours, four lions attacked farmer at Nageshri, lion attacked at Halariya and leopard attacked man at Odiya village.

Kishore Kotecha's Comment:-
It is very much important that Govt. clears Greater Gir proposal.

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