Friday, January 22, 2010

Lion cub’s carcass found in Visavadar range

Lion cub's carcass found in Visavadar range
Times of India

A decapitated carcass of a lion cub was found from Visavadar range of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary on Wednesday.

According to forest department, apart from the head, legs were also missing from the cub's body found near Lambadhar Vidi between Lalpur and Ghodasan of Visavadar range. "The body has apparently been partly consumed by scavengers. We've shifted it to Sasan Veterinary Hospital, where a postmortem will be performed to ascertain the cause of death," said a forester.

Meanwhile, sources in the forest department cried foul over the fact that the head and feet of the cub were missing. "Lion's teeth and claws are one of the most coveted articles that poachers hunt for. Thus, in this case, poaching can not be ruled out," said a source.

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